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One of the most powerful and versatile security systems on the market, CCTV cameras have fast become the security measure of choice for commercial and residential properties throughout Rockhampton.

Benefits of a CCTV cameras are that it Records 24/7, can be set up in multiple locations, Footage playback options, Footage can be used as police evidence and acts as a theft & vandalism deterrent

The technicians at Central Coast Alarms have plenty of experience designing and installing CCTV systems of all shapes and sizes. No two properties are the same, and neither are their security needs.

We’ll consult with you to work out exactly what you need. Whether you need a single-camera system at home or a fully integrated remote-controlled set-up—we can design and install a CCTV system to suit your unique security requirements.

Remote monitoring is a great benefit of CCTV and lets you see what is happening at any time, day or night. Most quality brands, like Hikvision Ness, have apps available that let you browse and monitor your home or office right there on your phone.

Using the latest equipment, we can design storage solutions to suit your requirements. We’ll measure your footage’s data requirements and provide hard drives to cater to the storage needs. We can also create an automatic deletion system to delete footage over a certain age—this is a simple and cost-effective way to reduce overall expenses.

At Central Coast Alarms, we have been installing CCTV systems for many years, so we understand that they are often a requirement for many businesses, like banks, pawnbrokers and licensed venues.

We have worked with several local businesses over the years and we understand what works best for each industry. Our experts can provide a quick and affordable solution for high-definition monitoring and recording, no matter how big your property is.

Want to know more about the benefits of a CCTV system? Want a quote? Call us today to book a free site appraisal. Our team will be happy to provide a no-obligation quote for you.